Tecsound 50AL Van Flooring Barrier - 2M

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Tecsound Van Flooring sound barrier membrane has tremendous density and mass, whilst being extremely pliable. It is the perfect single layer solution for a van or camper floor pan. Tecsound provides high acoustic insulation from road noise, combined with sound damping on the metal floor surface.

Tecsound Van Flooring includes a reinforced foil insulation top surface for maximum heat reflection. The dense pliable membrane is waterproof, rot proof and crush resistant and is perfect as an underlay for traditional ply lining.

The impressive acoustic performance of Tecsound is equivalent to lead of the same surface weight. Tecsound 50 in a single layer boasts an Rw figure of over 25db.

When directly applied to a vibrating and resonating metal surface such as a vehicle floor pan or bulk head, it greatly reduces vibration and the passage of sound through the surface. Tecsound 50 is also an ideal product for soundproofing engine bays, engine rooms and reducing sound from noisy equipment enclosures.

Technical advantages:

  • High acoustic insulation, combined with soft, flexible elements.
  • High sound damping capacity on metal surfaces.
  • Easy to handle and adaptable to uneven surfaces.
  • Easy to cut with a knife or scissors.
  • Can be bonded to most of the types of surfaces.  (adhesive required*)
  • Cold and heat resistance.
  • Excellent ageing resistance.
  • Rot proof.
  • Fire resistant and self extinguishing


  • Small Roll: 2m x 1.22m (2.44sq.m)
  • Thickness: 2.6mm
  • Weight: 5kg/m²
  • Aluminium Top Finish
  • Density: 1.9g/cm³ (± 0.05)
  • Pliability: Does not break when bent at -20°C
  • Elongation: 300%
  • Crushing strength: 4.84kg/cm²
  • Fire resistance: Euroclass B, s2, d0 (Class0 UK equivalent)
  • Continuous operating temperature: 70°C (short term 100°C)
  • Melting point: 140°C
  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.450 W/mK
  • Airborne Acoustic performance (5kg/m²): Rw25dB

Typical uses of this product:

  • Soundproofing against airborne noise through vehicle floor, engine bay or firewall.
  • Lining van or camper floors to lower noise.
  • Reducing sound from noisy equipment enclosures.

*We suggest the use of spray adhesive for installation on vertical panels.