CTK Wavefix 35mm - 2.5sq.m Pack

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CTK Wavefix is a noise-absorbing material based on foamed polyurethane with latex impregnation. The strong self-adhesive layer allows easy installation even to complex shapes.

CTK WaveFix material provides higher sound absorption than many other soundproofing materials of a similar thickness. It works most effectively in a wide frequency range above 500 Hz, but noise reduction starts at about 100 Hz. Designed for in-car use with a combination of half-open and partially closed cells with a high density, WaveFix has both sound-absorbing and noise-insulating properties. This material is a must for any professional installation.

The undulating soft surface of the material serves as a seal between the car body and the plastic parts of the interior. Thanks to the latex impregnation WaveFix is very durable and has a memory effect, restoring it's shape even after very strong compression.

Technical Specifications

  • Sheet Size: 1000x500 mm
  • Material thickness: 35.0 mm
  • Weight of 1 sheet: 0.6 kg
  • Weight of Pack: 3kg
  • Sheets in package: 5pcs
  • Coverage per package: 2.5sq.m