CTK Standard Pro Door Kit

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This CTK Pro Door kit includes a set of three optimally selected materials to reduce noise and vibraion from a pair of car doors. It is perfect to upgrade a car audio system or reduce road noise in the cabin.

CTK Standard Professional deadening mats are intended for more demanding customers who value high quality and efficiency and at a reasonable price. The important vibration absorbing properties are enhanced by the improved formula of mastic layer, as well as the embossed aluminum foil 100 microns thick, which acts to reduce structure-borne noises.

- STANDARD PRO significantly reduces vibrations and noise in the metalwork of the door.
- ELASTIC should be installed over the sound deadening material around the speaker area for improved performance.
- LINEFIX is a noise-absorbing material for treatment of the inner side of the door panel or reverse of door card.

Technical Specifications:

Standard Pro Deadening:
  • Thickness: 2.0mm     
  • Sheet Size: 370 x 500mm    
  • Foil Thickness: 100µm
  • Weight per sheet: 570g
  • Sheets in package: 8pcs
  • Coverage: 1.48sq.m
Elastic Closed Cell Foam:
  • Thickness: 6.0mm     
  • Sheet Size: 370 x 500mm    
  • Weight per sheet: 100g
  • Sheets in package: 2pcs
  • Coverage: 0.37sq.m
Linefix Foam:
  • Thickness: 7.0mm     
  • Sheet Size: 370 x 500mm    
  • Weight per sheet: 100g
  • Sheets in package: 4pcs
  • Coverage: 0.74sq.m

Recommended application temperature (°C) - from +10 to +30. Operating temperature (°C) - from -40 to +100.